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How to increase email open rates

Email open rate plays an influential role in a successful email marketing strategy. The more customers open your emails, the higher the outcome you get. By improving your email productivity, you can enhance your overall online marketing campaign.

Although this sounds a little simple, in fact, many businesses can make serious mistakes during email outreach. Email campaigns which are not executed optimally can create unnecessary costs and also reduce potential earnings. Email automation should be prepared by professional marketing experts and must be measurable. You can track your progress only if the results are measurable.

Here are some tips to increase the open rate of the emails you send:

1) Define your strategy.

Before implementing any strategies, think adequately about your goals. While automating emails, try to be consistent with these goals. Also, define what you want to achieve through this particular email campaign, and design your message accordingly. Conduct a little bit of research on email marketing. In this way, possible errors will be reduced, and you will have a chance to access a higher rate of your audience reading the emails you send.

2) Use effective subject lines and titles.

Not only your message content, but also your titles matter. The headers you use will be the first field your audience will see when you send emails to their inboxes. The language you use in email headers must be impressive but also attention-catching and relevant to the audience. It is always less risky to test your email marketing efforts with A/B tests. Thanks to these tests, you can find the best working title format. Please note that you should avoid titles which include cliché buzzwords like “campaign,” or “promotion” as they can only make your mails get blocked by spam filters, as well as not doing much to catch the attention of the reader.

3) Generate your own mail lists.

Instead of purchasing mail lists in which there are numerous irrelevant people, try to create your own mail lists from different segments of the market. You can segment your mail lists by creating different categories. When you save your email contacts to your database, the more details you can obtain such as name, surname, gender, date of birth, country, etc.; the easier your work will be in later campaigns. Sectoral e-mail addresses purchased from various sources would turn out to be less efficient than expected because the audience do not recognize your business, as well as other practical and legal problems.

4) Create an attractive email design.

High-quality email design is the most powerful element in selling products and services by harnessing the power of email. When the user opens your email, he or she will contact you as long as he or she likes the message design and the offer. Successful and pleasing email design should reflect your corporate identity. Include your company logo at the beginning of the message and use your branded colors in the visual design of the email. Don’t forget to consider font selections, visual preferences and check the page links to images or buttons. Also, you should test the mobile version of your email as a great number of users will receive it through mobile devices.

5) Respect timing.

It is also necessary to reach your target audience at the right time to make them open your email. Some businesses ask their customers in advance about the most appropriate time for contacting. At the point of purchase, you may consider asking your customers when they want you to send emails. According to the researches, the most effective time period is 9.00 – 11.00 in the morning and 14.00 – 16.00 in the afternoon in terms of email open rates. Researches also show that the email opening rates are the highest on the first day of the week. The opening and reacting curve decrease towards the end of the week. If you consider these findings and send your email accordingly, you may have a higher opening rate.

6) Consistency is the key.

You should be giving your audience a “Hey, I’m here,” message from time to time. Don’t let your audience forget about you. On the other hand, there are some contradictions about the frequency of emails. If you bombard your customers with emails every day, they will stop opening them after a point. It is recommended to send 1 – 3 emails per week and 4 – 10 per month. Please note that this will vary depending on the type of product and service you are providing.

If you consider these tips, the emails you send can have a higher open rate. When you write well-designed emails, you will have a bigger chance of turning your email receivers into paying customers.

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