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How to acquire new customers? Or Should We Say How To Date?

How to acquire new customers? Or Should We Say How To Date?

  • Don’t be surprised that much, sales and dating have much more in common than you would think- after all, both of them practically have the same purpose : impressing one another!
  • For both, you need 3 simple things to start with- choose the right person, find a way to engage them ( aka have a game plan) and close the deal. You also use the similar skillset;  you need to make the first move,  be genuine and confident.
  • You cannot randomly choose someone from the street and decide to ask on a date without knowing him / her ( physical appearance is not everything- you should know it by now!).  You also cannot expect to click everyone you’ve dated. Same logic applies in the sales. In your first step, you need to make sure that you’ve done your research and know your target. You need to know the needs, interests and expectations of your prospects. You also need to chase the “right” customer since it is highly unlikely that every prospect is going to be the right fit for your company. Therefore, take some time to do your research and target smartly.
  • After choosing your target ( aka the girl or the boy), you need to approach them in the right way. There might be plenty of boys or girls interested in your target, therefore you need to stand out from the crowd and make yourself exceptional.  Make a personal connection, show that you’re interested in him / her and learn about their passions. Don’t forget, it’s all about the communication- if the girl thinks the guy is genuinely interested, listening and asking questions, then the changes are pretty high for the guy. Same as in sales, the intentions should be clear: I want to know you better, I want to learn your expectations and I want you to trust me before you tell me anything. Speaking with numbers, research shows a 20% increase in sales opportunities in leads which were nurtured with targeted content.
  • Final step: Seal the Deal. If the answer is positive, time to take action! Make sure that you have the right contact information so that you can reach out easily. You need to properly lay the groundwork for seeing them again and circulate the conversation regularly- don’t let them forget about you and try to meet their expectations as much as possible!
  • No matter how simple it sounds, both dating and sales are difficult. Sometimes things can go wrong, you can tell an awful joke during the dinner or your sales process may start with a miscue. Don’t panic and believe in yourself. Be confident, honest and know your product. Don’t be desperate, nor pushy- nobody likes to be with someone who is trying too hard. And most importantly, know when to move on but always be ready for new catches 😉
  • Check out the infographic below from ZoomInfo to learn more about sales as a love affair.


How to acquire new customers?  Or Should We Say How To Date?

Muzaffer Selimbeyoglu

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