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How Automated Follow Ups Can Increase Your Response Rate

How Automated Follow Ups Can Increase Your Response Rate

There’s one single purpose behind every sales email campaign : Get a response. It is the result that defines your success, boost your sales and raise your profits. A good opening mail is indeed vital in introducing your service and connect with your prospects but so does following up! Follow up mails are simply mails which you ask your recipient whether they received / read the message or not. There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of sending follow ups- it is completely natural that people are busy and you need to reminder yourself time to time.

A study found out that sending more follow ups is much better than sending few. The research shows that campaigns with 1-3 emails in a sequence have a lower reply rate (9%) whereas campaigns with 4-7 emails in a sequence have three times higher response rate (27%)

Yet, like in every email strategy, any follow up email should also be done with cautious. It needs to be well prepared, coherent, effective and include valuable content- even though it is simply a reminder. Instead of writing “just checking in” or “just following up”, try to provide something useful as an online statistic or a recent study relevant for their business so that they won’t get annoyed or stalked.

It is also very important to indicate a call to action -without being too pushy- A meeting ? A call? By asking them to have a brief conversation puts you in a position where you are no longer a salesperson but an expert who wants to share some useful information and insights. Therefore, a follow up mail is a great opportunity to position yourself in your prospects’ eyes.

Studies show that adding a mutual connection or a reference from your past conversation – if there is- would also make your email less likely to be ignored. By showing an interest in their work and make your follow ups more personalized can increase your reply rate with a positive return!

Lastly, being consistent in terms of timing is also a crucial aspect. Knowing when to give up or keep sending is a tricky subject.  It mostly depends on several factors such as the features of your target, your approach and your statistics. Still, according to the research done by SalesHandy, sending 5 consecutive follow-ups at regular intervals after the original emails are proven to be the best practice, and the maximum of 9 follow up emails after the original will get you 53.49% increase in open rate and 44.73% increase in reply rate.

In her article, Christine Georghiou states that “70 percent of sales emails stop after the first attempt”. For an email marketer, this is an incredible information as well as opportunity. It means that by sending follow ups, you can actually make yourself different from the crowd and stand out easily. The more you follow up, the more you increase your chances of increasing your profits!

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