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Game Changers: Lead Magnets to Grow Your Campaign

Game Changers: Lead Magnets to Grow Your Campaign

reating a robust email list is one of the key strategies you should follow- if you want to maximize the number of your prospects and achieve higher conversion rates. People are not easily going to give you their contact info without a good incentive- and that’s where the lead magnets kick in! In this blog post, you will find inspired lead magnet ideas that can help you to create a sizable list.

A lead magnet is simply an offer or an incentive that you give people in exchange for their subscription to your email list or their contact information. It can be anything you want- as long as its attractive enough to meet your prospects’ needs. Speaking with numbers, approximately 90% of your visitors are less likely to engage with your service on their first visit. Therefore, in order to stand out from your competitors and give your potential customers a remarkable first impression, you need to have creative ideas.

As mentioned earlier, regardless of what and how your offer is, there is one crucial thing you need to be aware of when creating your lead magnet: VALUE. A successful lead magnet does not have to be too complex or fancy, it needs to be specific. It needs to touch upon a specific need with a specific solution for a specific segment so that it can be consumed by the prospect. It should also be simple and quick to digest- meaning that it should be instantly accessible.

Therefore, instead of boringly asking people to “subscribe to your newsletter”, lets dive into some effective lead magnet ideas to see what else you can offer.


A give away mini e-book is an excellent idea to attract potential customers. They are one of the easiest lead magnets to create, lead high conversion rates and offer valuable content. If you have series of blog posts or in-depth information related to a topic, you can select your ‘most read’ posts and compile them into a e-book. Before creating your e-book, you should do your research, look into the popular keywords people use when they are visiting your website and decide on the topic accordingly. Don’t forget to make it as accessible as possible!


Another common types of lead magnets, guides and research reports can also be used to enhance your reputation. You can create a guideline or a research report by doing the research on your own or you can give a summary of the research and statistics about a certain topic. Again, one thing to remember: No matter your research is about, it should always be aligned with your target audience’s needs and interests!


Everyone needs a confirmation that they are doing the right thing, in the right way. By offering  a template or a sample on a specific topic, you can provide a brief outline for your customers which they can easily customize and adapt for their purposes.

Free courses & trials

A free course or a trial can come in many different forms such as webinars, video courses, podcasts, tutorials, pdf downloads or in any other forms  that aim to inform people on how to do a specific thing. You can create a series of videos and / or emails and send them regularly over the course of a couple of weeks to make sure they engage your service.

Muzaffer Selimbeyoglu

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