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Email Marketing 101: Do's & Don'ts

Email Marketing 101: Do’s & Don’ts

With the growing importance of digital marketing strategies, e-mail marketing, an act of sending commercial messages to an audience, still stands as one of the most powerful and effective tools for business owners as well as for entrepreneurs. Given its high adaptability and return on investment, you can build your emails on any content, reach out diverse masses and inform them about your products and services with just a click. Of course, it might turn into a big failure just as it becomes a profit engine, depending on how you handle it. Therefore, we strongly advise to scroll down and keep reading the Do’s and Don’ts as simple beginner’s guide to successful email marketing.

Build A Robust Network

It’s a known fact that email marketing takes time, effort, money and needs detailed business plan, yet, as long as you establish a robust mailing list, your chances of success increases significantly. Having a sizeable emailing list does not only provide an effective communication channel for your targets but also helps you to achieve number of different objectives at the same time.

Although there are couple of ways to form a strong email list, BUYING is not one of them. Purchased lists are highly ineffective and the chances of your emails get identified as spam are quite high. Therefore, what you need to do is to get your prospect’s permission whether via an opt in form or an email marketing service.

Enhance your Network

In order to build and enhance your emailing list, you need to address as many people as you can. One, and the most common, way to do so is offering attractive services for free such as newsletters, product updates, case studies, templates, marketing offers or discounts for your services. By doing so, you can keep them updated about your services regularly and make yourself desirable.

One important thing to bear in mind is to provide efficient and valuable content. The more useful your offers are, the more people feel motivated to subscribe for your service. Therefore, don’t waste time in unnecessary campaigns or crowded messages, they just make you undesirable.

Focus on Segmentation

So, you might have built an incredible emailing list, however it means nothing if your offer is not relevant for your target. According to the study done by DMA, campaigns that target segmented lists and provide unique information for their customers can achieve up to a 760% increase in revenue. Doing a proper segmentation, also known as narrowing your target into smaller groups based on specific criteria and / or their market position, helps you to get easily connected with your prospects as well as increase your conversions and open rates due to personalized and relevant emails.

How smart slicing & dicing you are doing depends on how you perceive your target and how much you’re willing to meet their expectations, therefore know your target, do focus on grouping your contact list and give them an opportunity to better engage with your services.

Keep Your List Fresh, Your Timing Effective and Your Content Relevant

Last but not least, you need to be sustainable in your strategies. By all means, invest and improve all the time. Keep track of inactive subscribers, remove them if necessary, provide consistent services and most importantly, check your metrics regularly- a point which we’ll cover specifically.

Don’t forget, your emailing list is the most important instrument to boost your business, so treat it right!

Muzaffer Selimbeyoglu

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