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Boost your Sales: 5 Tips to Write a Successful Cold Email

Boost your Sales: 4 Tips to Write a Successful Cold Email

As a powerful tool in marketing, cold emailing is a widely used strategy for most businesses. It basically means sending emails to people whom you’ve had no prior interaction or relationship. Via cold emails, you simply get in touch with people to let them know about your service, business or brand. However, by definition, it can easily  be perceived as spam. The major distinction between bulk emails ( spams) and cold emails comes from its purpose and implementation method. While good cold emails contain business valid reasons for contacting the person and have the ability to turn your prospects into customers, spams don’t, they are rather impersonal and vague. If not done properly, cold mails not only cause sale losses but also may harm your reputation and brand. Therefore, by using the tips listed below you can make sure that you organize cold emails properly and take your business forward.

Find Your Target and Do Your Research

Cold emailing is about resending one-to- one emails targeted to specific audience. Therefore, you need to have a carefully chosen audience which is in need for your product- either to solve an issue in their domain or to improve themselves. Therefore, you need to be very precise in targeting your prospects, you need to make sure that they are the potential customers who might use your service.

Have an Intriguing Subject Line

When sending your cold email, there is one single purpose ; getting your email opened. Therefore you need to make sure your email is not disregarded and the way to do so is to have a strong, intriguing subject line. Your subject line needs to grab the readers’ attention at first sight and make them compelled enough to open it. Although there are several  ways to write a catchy subject line, avoid sounding like a marketer and rather mention something personal. Don’t forget, your email is only as successful as your subject line!

Get to The Point Smoothly

Second thing you need to pay attention is to make your email readable and this is where your introduction kicks in. You need to get to the point quickly but also set the balance right. Don’t start right away by introducing your product or brand but rather try giving them some facts about their business, asking challenging questions or stating a problem relevant to him/ her. By doing so, you can ensure that your reader is on the hook.

Be Informal & Personal

As we mentioned earlier, what sets cold emails apart from spams is its individuality. Organize your email in a way that your readers feel  like they are the only one receiving it. Even though you don’t know the person, it should not stop you calling by his / her first name.  Be casual, add a personal touch and be curious in their work. Ensure that you care about their business, services and help them to improve.

Muzaffer Selimbeyoglu

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